who is leandra?

Inspire. Motivate. Lead, Inc. came from an idea I had when I was twelve years old. I grew up in environments which were at times not the most inviting. I recognized then, I needed to find ways to create light around me. To be an inspirer for my people, I learned to become a self-motivator. “By strengthening my motivation, I share with my surroundings the power of inspiration. This creates a positive reaction of empowerment. As I make this contribution to be a shining light, an example for my people, it is in this moment that I become the virtue of leadership.”

Biographical Sketch

Since the age of sixteen, LeAndra Bitsie has dedicated herself as a messenger for empowerment in countless communities. At a very young age, she realized her inherit responsibility to improve the future of our nations. Today, believing in her passion for young people, LeAndra has committed her life’s work motivating, inspiring, and leading youth to realize their capabilities of ultimate potential.

Her diverse upbringing living on both the rural areas of the Navajo reservation and the inner cities of Washington, D.C. gave her the opportunity to recognize the need for young people to prepare themselves as future leaders of our existence. Over four years, she dedicated herself to train as a motivational speaker. In 2004, LeAndra created Inspire. Motivate. Lead, Inc. One of the youngest individuals to create a dual consultant and marketing firm committed to the advancement of young people.


LeAndra encompasses a tireless motivation to ignite energy into young people. She believes the foundation of positive development for our youth is allowing them to understand their uniqueness, power, and beauty. “Indigenous people originate from a culture of survivors and it is our duty to contribute to this survival by radiating our personal greatness.”